APCT high power design

Air Pressure Control Technolog

Music will have a clear and detailed base like you never heard before. When you start your mix, live will become easier. Your Artist will feel free on stage and you just have to select one of the AADC presets in the dedicate HEIMDALL D1 system controller.
According to the new cadenbach acoustics APCT definition the result will be a clearly defined Frequency and Phase response for low frequencies. This will make it possible to combine different subwoofers and line arrays to become one system.

2 way cardioid design.

Direct 2 x 18 LF front cones
and 1 x 18 LF rear cones.

Together with AADC and the cardioid design, the horizontal dispersion can be set symmetrical to cardioid or hyper cardioid.
THOR is mechanically designed to support vertical arrays containing 6 THOR above up to 24 elements of DARVIN fulfilling BGV C1 regulations. A stack of 4 THOR can be used as ground stack base for a maximum of 6 DARVIN . Together with the cadenbach iD1com control and prediction software THOR can be adjusted in frequency response and phase alignment to be combined with other subwoofers like TOTEC. THOR ca also operate as infra sub down to 24 Hz.

More then Adequate SPL with constant clarity even at full level.

You need high SPL but you want the sound and the imaging to be same as on low levels. With THOR you can share the same sound with everyone at almost any level. Sound and dispersion stays to be at the same clarity level as you want all over the venue even at high SPL at about 143 dB peak. All that in a full self contained flyable subwoofer at compact size and low weight.