Drive Control


  1. The MAGNA speaker is driven by PAX amplifiers, connected via 4 pol Speakon.

    The PAX P16 amplifier provides sense drive for wide band damping factor

    The optimum is to run two and at short cable length also three MAGNA parallel.

    With only two PAX P16 it is possible to run up to 6 IRIS and 6 TEUTATES.

    3 TEUTATES are the perfect ground stack base for 1 MAGNA

    It is possible to vary horizontal dispersion in certain frequency ranges by using
       different settings on the HEIMDALL D1 controller.

    The PAX P16 amps (with optional remote module) and the HEIMDALL D1
       controllers can be remote controlled via ethernet within one(!) software GUI.


  1. The 3100 Watts rms internal amplifier (two channels each 1550 Wrms based on PAX
       P16) provides optimum fan free power for MAGNA.

    Thru a 3 pin connector the internal controller is supplied with signal.

    The internal amplifiers are power supplied via power-con by a switch mode power supply.

Internal-powered systems guarantee greater performance and more dynamics, lower overall system cost, and extremely fast and secure setup.