Subwoofers are extending sound in a way that you be able to feel it.

At cadenbach acoustics we are putting more subwoofer energy into a compact foot print as you ever thought it would be possible. This is specially needed on line array subwoofers witch you might want to fly above your line array. In order to do so you can get a dedicated subwoofer for each line array. See what main features all these subwoofers have got:

  1.   Ultra long excursion bass reflex design

  2.   cardioid and hyper cardioid configurations (built in into THOR)

  3.   Practical equal impulse response for free combination of all subwoofers

  4.   Self powered or external powered

  5.   Quick lock 4 point rigging system

  6.   One cradle for all design

  7.   Universal use option

and of course cadenbach acoustics combined F.I.R./I.I.R. filtering technology.