Floor monitors should make your life on stage easier.

Coming from both side, the musician who wants to feel his instrument and his voice and the sound engineer how wants to have maximum gain to please the musicians cadenbach acoustics offers the right tool for you. We have the classical only monitor and a multi shape monitor with the following main features:

  1.   Zero phase shift impulse response (linear phase system design)

  2.   Self powered or external powered

  3.   Multi mounting design (only HARMONIA and HARMONIA+)

  4.   Quick look cradle (only HARMONIA and HARMONIA+)

  5.   Constant directivity bass reflex system

  6.   Cradle mounting points

  7.   Main system option (only HARMONIA and HARMONIA+)

and of course cadenbach acoustics combined F.I.R./I.I.R. filtering technology.