Now this is the hart of your sound system, this is why we did put so much effort in it.

HEIMDALL will give you the security you need while running a sound system under daily changing conditions regarding the demands and expectations of you and your sound setup. HEIMDALL will guide you through all process necessary, so just relax and fell save that everything you need will come true by offering these main features:

  1.   F.I.R. filter preset design

  2.   combined free routable I.I.R. filters

  3.   Target frequency and phase function design

  4.   Speaker chassis impulse response correction filters

  5.   Lock ahead rms, thermal and peak limiters

  6.   24 + 24bit dual range analog to digital converter

  7.   more than 130dB input dynamic

and cadenbach acoustics cross-platform remote software for MAC, LINUX, SUN, IOS4 and Windows.